Voting in God’s America

If America is to survive, it must once again become a Christian nation, God’s Christian nation.  I understand that it will not be easy for many Americans to come to God.  For the most of us, coming to God does not happen until things become very difficult.  Only when we are faced with danger, disaster, or death do we call out for help from God.  Let’s face it, for many people God is the last resort.  It does not have to be this way.

God did not turn His back on America. He has not lifted His hand from America. God created miracles that enabled our forefathers to win the war of independence and He established America. Why did God do this? There is only one possible answer. God created a land that would be the land for people that were committed to His purposes, for people that love Him. God had a plan for America but unfortunately we the people have allowed Satan to interrupt us and corrupt us.

Number one, this is God’s America.  As I write about here, look around the world and find a better place to live.  Most of these other nations are run by atheist and non-believers.  America is much different.  America is of God.  If you can find a better nation you may want to move there.

I will not be endorsing any one for any office but I will be pointing out things that I believe are important to God such as life, traditional marriage, and family values and the people that support them.  These are all things that are important to the God of those who love Him.

America cannot survive without God because this is God’s America.